Delivering BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy
and implementing
“Transforming for beyond”

Interview with Jacques de Chateauvieux, chairman of the Board, and Christian Lefèvre, CEO.

Jacques de Chateauvieux Chairman of the Board
Christian Lefèvre CEO

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Our services

BOURBON takes pride in serving the needs of the most demanding clients in the oil and gas industry. The Group's efforts to operate a modern fleet, to man vessels with competent crews and to offer the most cost-effective solutions on the market are compensated by the trust and loyalty of its clients.

Discover the marine services in offshore oil and gas offered by BOURBON

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Listening to and satisfying clients is the daily challenge for BOURBON’s women and men. It relies on 4 priorities:

Les priorités de BOURBON

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BOURBON worldwide

BOURBON worldwide

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BOURBON 2015 Strategy

BOURBON’s strategic plan for 2015 continues a voluntary growth policy. Its purpose: making the Group the world leader in offshore oil and gas marine services. BOURBON 2015

Discover BOURBON 2015 strategy