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Client satisfaction

For BOURBON, the client is the cornerstone of its organization. As the primary interface with the client, every vessel has its own organization, designed to ensure efficient operations.

BOURBON Client satisfaction chain


In every operating region, the Heads of Regions and their teams are responsible for client satisfaction. They work closely with the subsidiaries operating in their region.

Every vessel is an independent unit, a human-scale entity that plays the role of primary interface with the client. For every vessel deployed, a chain of three managers is systematically established:

  • A Contracts Manager, the single local dedicated contact point for the client
  • A Logistics Manager, responsible onsite for the vessel’s operational support
  • An Operations Manager, who manages the vessel for the shipmanager, the subsidiary responsible for the operational management of the vessels

These three individuals serve the vessel and are in constant contact with the crew members to ensure the client’s satisfaction.