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Human Resources

Human Resources : An essential growth driver

People are the real key to the success of the BOURBON 2015 strategic plan. A rigorous recruitment policy, high standards of qualification, top-level training and attractive career development options are the necessary conditions for meeting the HR challenge for Horizon 2015.

International recruitment and local management

Under the previous 2003-2007 plan, the number of BOURBON employees doubled to support the Group’s growth. During the realization of the "BOURBON 2015 Leadership strategy" plan, BOURBON will continue to actively increase its workforce.

To do this, the Group has set up a unique training structure, based on the definition of a high standard of skills for all officers and recruiting from local agencies. Staff are hired on a diversified international basis, via BOURBON ship-management companies (e.g. West Africa, North Sea, Asia, Latin America), a network of manning companies integrated in the Group (e.g. in the Ukraine and Manila), and local HR agencies who are long-term partners (as is the case in Africa).

A unique training structure

The training of officers and crews is signifi cantly aided by the standardization of the fleet. Drawing on methods used in aeronautics, BOURBON has instituted crew qualifications through a certifi ed process that combines knowledge acquired during the initial training course, continuous training, courses on simulators and experience in the field. To meet the BOURBON's growth requirements, this training is conducted in optimal conditions at the BOURBON Training Centers, which the Group is gradually opening worldwide: in Marseille and Singapour, a training center for anchor lifting and handling for oil platforms and dynamic positioning on a simulator; in Manila, a dynamic positioning training center. In Chine, BOURBON has also a training center for diesel electric engines, and another in Ravenne, in Italie, a simulator specically dedicated for the training of ROV operators

To complete this structure, BOURBON has three reference vessels operating in West Africa, Asia and South America, which are crew training and experience validation centers in the framework of the command of operating standards for BOURBON Offshore.

Equitable and attractive management of human resources

Along with the vessels, people are the key factor for BOURBON’s success so it is vital to take the human dimension into account within the Group. In addition to recruitment and initial training, BOURBON is keen to promote integration, acceptance of responsibility, and the professional development and personal fruition of each of its employees.

A modern and varied fl eet with a great diversity of businesses throughout the world and an attractive remuneration policy are major strengths for a long professional career for BOURBON employees. In addition, BOURBON rewards the commitment of every member of staff by a genuine share in the fruits of growth.